History of Japan
I feel like Japan is one of the more globalized countries next to us, Untied States. They export an abundance of high tech electronics, cars, etc. which gives the country much revenue because they are selling all these products around the world to other countries. Though, with making all these expensive products they can find themselves in a massive amount of debt. Their debt right now is approximately 11,196,021,600,000, but it is always rising each second. This debt can have to do with all the products they made that may not have been so successful and of course the wars they’ve been in have a lot to do with that. There is not just one reason why they have acquired so much debt, they are many reasons why so we can’t point out fingers at any one specific to blame for Japan’s debt. All the exports that Japan produces are both a help and hinder to the country. It helps by selling those products to other countries to make money, but also making these products is quite expensive. Japan has people that make it, they price of the parts, everything adds up. Though, making high tech gadgets makes them more advanced than other countries which can put them up to par with the United States and which is always a good thing for them. Globalization has helped women in Japan in numerous ways as well. Women are being taken more seriously in the workforce from their fellow co-workers. They do have a long way still, these women that do get hired are usually the office women, and coffee maker, you rarely see a women climbing the corporate ladder when in Japan, though it does happen don’t get me wrong, it’s just not usual. Also not only women are taken more seriously in the work place, they have more rights of their own such as not having to marry at such an early age, they have more freedom and independence from their family which used to force them to do things such as early marriage or arranged marriages. It seems like globalization has helped the women the most for the better. It doesn’t seem like men have gained anything from globalization, it actually seemed like they lost some of their power, because they used to be in charge of everything and now women have taken over some of that power now, such as men arent the only ones that can decide if they want a divorce, women can deicde that too, and men used to be the only one to be able to owm property but now women can own some as well.

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